Open Street Map

Coverage: Worldwide Cost: Free Access Original Source: OSM Planetfiles Provided via Geofabrik

Open Street Map

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is maybe the most extensive open data project for geo-data. It has rich information on points of interest (POIs), such as apartments, shops, or offices, globally.

Based on the original .osm files, which Geofabrik provides as a daily update, we parse the OSM tags and create consolidated objects.

Data Variables

  • POI name
  • POI adress
  • POI contact
  • POI Lat / Lon
  • POI Category
  • Top-Level Categorization (*24 high level categories)
  • Building footprints (GeoJSON)

*We aggregate tags that are useful for categorization into 24 high-level categories for every location: administration, airport, apartment, art_culture, automobile, beauty, cafe, drinks, education, entertainment, food,  groceries, medical, misc, office, public_service, public_transportation, recreation, religious_building, service,  shopping, social_service, sport, tourism, wholesaler

Example Use Case:
Popularity for Groceries in Hamburg throughout a week