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Improve your Grocery Delivery Business with external and internal data

 visualization of chicago POIs
  • Implement demographics, POI, Google Trends and popular times data
  • Update data for your model globally
  • Inform the inventory, drivers and warehouse strategy

Build a Marketing Mix Model like Zalando with a few clicks

 visualization of chicago POIs
  • Optimize your budget allocation across offline and online marketing channels
  • Model your brand effect and impact of trends across markets
  • Integrated seamlessly with your marketing data sources for automated updates

Deploy a Uber like demand and supply system

 visualization of chicago POIs
  • Identify the perfect service areas, optimize vehicle availability and recharging times
  • Integrate clean, external datasets such as demographics data, Google Trends, POI data, and many more
  • Visualize and automate your reporting for your operations team in your workflow tools

Bring your location-based business to the next level

 visualization of chicago POIs
  • Identify new store and warehouse locations with regards to your competition and market potential
  • Merge your consumer, location and competition data in one place
  • Model different scenarios and the impact on your sales

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