data pipelines should not Be a problem
for BI analysts

Consolidated Modern Data Stack - Usable for BI Analysts


Trusted worldwide by leading SMEs and startups

Miles Mobility
Espresso House (EH)

Use pre-built templates that suit your data project

Turn your E-Commerce into Zalando data drivenness

Measure effects across offline and online channels and allocate your budget.

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Equip your mobility startup with Uber like analytics

Merge the location data of your mobility startup with external data and predict demand.

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Perform location analytics like Starbucks does

Build for your retail or quick commerce startup a location model to predict revenue

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A Data Workspace for BI Analysts
on top of the Modern Data Stack

BI Analysts 📊
turn into Data Engineers

Cover end-to-end data use cases without coding.

  • Build complete analytics workflows through loading, transforming, and applying
  • Get help by an engineer to customize your project whenever you need
  • Use pre-defined templates for marketing, location, and startup use cases
Discover templates
A simple node on the Kuwala No-Code Environment

Analytics Engineers 👩🏽💻 customize with tools they love

Stop writing redundant code and get rid of ad-hoc tasks

how it works
  • Build reusable components for BI Analysts with the frameworks you love
  • Add data sources with Airbyte, transformations with dbt, and new data science models with Python
  • Kuwala is open-source with active community support
A transformation added with dbt to Kuwala

Deliver your data project faster than expected ⚡️

With Kuwala we empower cross-functional teams to work efficiently with your data.

  • Consolidate your existing Modern Data Stack  🚀
  • No lock-in - Kuwala is extendable and open-source
  • Solutions engineering with the Kuwala core team
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The universe of Modern Data Stack and Use-Cases with Kuwala

Espresso House builds a next gen location analytics system with Kuwala

Espresso House is a coffee shop brand with over 400 shops in the Nordics. They used Kuwala to merge internal and external data sources in order to train a model that informs the the expansion team of market potentials.

  • Standardization of multiple data sources providing POI and behavioral insights data
  • Multi-layer data aggregation
  • Frequent data update in order to keep the prediction model up to date
Stephanie Head of BI at Espresso House
“ Instead of only using empirical observations, we now take into account data from various sources in order to take data-driven decisions.”
Head of Business Intelligence
at Espresso House
Espresso House (EH)
For BI Analysts
Load any data source relevant to your business into Kuwala
A simple Node in the Kuwala No Code
Pre-built transformations and models from our library
the transformation libary from where BI Analyst can select
For Engineers
Built on top of the Modern Data Stack and your existing tools
The modern data stack
Extend any part of Kuwala with frameworks you love
frameworks to add new transformation and data

Choose a plan that suits your needs


  • All transformations
  • Install via GitHub
  • Support of the Kuwala community
Join our community


Monthly Subscription
  • Collaborate with multiple users on projects
  • Pipeline management
  • Hosted and maintained version with additional tech support
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Custom Pricing
  • Solutions engineering
  • Prioritized integration requests
  • Custom onboarding and training sessions
free consulting Hour
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