Popular Times

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Popular Times

Nearly every customer facing business and POI is represented on Google. Apart from data on reviews and categorization there is also aggregated and anonymized movement data available represented as a popularity index for a location. The popularity is a relative score per location between 0 and 100. A score of 100 for a given hour represents the time of the respective place with its highest number of visitors during the week. Each value is marked with a timestamp which makes it suitable for time series analysis.

Data Variables

For places with a very high number of average visitors there is also the live popularity for the current hour available. This score can also be over 100 if the number of visitors is extraordinarily high.

  • Name
  • PlaceID (from Google)
  • Location (latitude and longitude)
  • H3 index
  • Address
  • Timezone
  • Categories
  • Temporarily closed tag
  • Permanently closed tag
  • Inside of tag (e.g., inside an airport or shopping mall)
  • Contact (phone and website)
  • Opening hours (also considers public holidays)
  • Rating (stars and number of reviews)
  • Price level
  • Popularity
  • Waiting time
  • Spending time

Example Use Case:
Popularity for Groceries in Hamburg throughout a week