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Customized implementations of GeoSage

The dashboard empowers mobility providers to improve their services on the basis of AI-driven analytics and thus be able to react quickly and with certainty to the ever-changing demand and supply situation in large urban areas. The dashboard visualizes real-time information about supply and demand. We aggregated various external data-sets and predicted hotspot areas in cities

To gain better insights into customer behavior at the point of sale (POS), we have developed a dashboard that evaluates geographical data and social media information. The data can be combined with SKU data from an ERP system. This makes it possible to analyze activity and interest profiles at any location in a city. We were able to build a dashboard predicting passenger flows and recommendations for replenishment to improve the ERP system.

We analyzed over 3 Million images from social media through a computer vision algorithm and tracked the content down to a geo-location with a timestamp. Knowing what customers are preferable doing helps to anticipate event promotion plans, demand predictions, and content strategies.

Depending on location and time of day a taxi driver gets a driving recommendation, based on our predictions, where the highest probability to pick up a new passenger currently is. The information is communicated seemless on a mobilephone of the driver.